Traditional values for changing times

Investors are learning to expect a challenging future: uncertain economic performance, unclear business valuations, pressure on incomes and capital as active populations alter and the state cuts back, whilst taxing and regulating ever more. Markets will remain torn between retracing old assumptions and dealing with the changing world – an increasingly volatile mix. Without above average investment instincts, timing and vision, many investors may find that returns from buy-and-hold equity and income portfolios are less and less rewarding. The medium-term window for the ‘unadapted’ investor to compound┬áreturns will depend to an uncomfortable extent on chance, given the propensity of public markets to ‘see-saw’.

The challenges of the markets will increase, despite abundant opportunities in the real economy arising from the need to fund successful public and business strategies going forward. At Rudolf Wolff we apply traditional methods in non-traditional ways, using alternative techniques to transform such challenges into opportunities. We try not to time the market but to release regular compound returns through a focus on value-investing and a cautious and innovative approach to risk.

“To source and introduce some of the best performing thematic fund managers in their sectors and to bring them to a wider audience making them accessible to smaller investors.”

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