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"By working in conjunction with thematic investment managers, we can create an accessible investment solution to both a wider audience and smaller investors.”


Our objective is not to time the market but to deliver investors regular compound returns and (where appropriate) income, through a focus on investing with a disciplined approach to risk.


Our vision is to continue building our internal expertise as a specialist investment manager in addition to creating partnerships with other ‘like minded’ investment professionals.

Rudolf Wolff focuses only on Professional Advisers. Our emphasis has been to create partnerships with leading advisory groups with global presence, specialist advisers, private banks, insurance companies and increasingly with fund platforms. 


With the ever-changing investment and regulatory landscape, the manner by which investors manage their portfolios and relationship with their Advisers has changed significantly. Investors are becoming better educated to expect a challenging future including uncertain economic performance, political uncertainty, unclear business valuations, pressures on income and capital.


However, markets remain torn between retracing old assumptions versus dealing with the changing world – creating an increasingly volatile and uncertain mix. 


At Rudolf Wolff we apply traditional methods in non-traditional ways, using innovative investment thinking to transform such challenges into opportunities.

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