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Our Story

The name Rudolf Wolff has been associated with the City for over 150 years. The original ‘Rudolf Wolff’ was a German metals merchant who established Rudolf Wolff & Co. in London in 1866.

In 1877 it became a founding member of the London Metal Exchange which continues to be the pre-eminent international market for primary base metals.

Marked by the service ethic of the traditional, family-managed, ‘City’ business, Rudolf Wolff & Co was a pioneer in many fields – notably nurturing some of the investor legends that pioneered the alternative investment industry of commodity traders and hedge funds since the 1980’s. This ethos continues with us today.

In 2008, the Rudolf Wolff brand name, with all its historic values, was re-launched by a team of experienced investment professionals, including some of the former Rudolf Wolff management.

Our motto of ‘traditional values for changing times’ demonstrates we continue to recognise the importance of forward-thinking investment combined with old-style prudence, practicality and premium service. These attributes are all core principles of Rudolf Wolff Limited.

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