The Rudolf Wolff Income Fund (Bermuda)

Rudolf Wolff launched their first in house managed fund in 2011, the Rudolf Wolff Income Fund in Bermuda, to meet the demands of their global financial adviser relationships following the drive to zero interest rates by Central Banks following the 2008 financial crash. The investment team determined to deliver long term regular income and capital appreciation through a measured, conservative, low risk approach to identifying those corporate bonds that met their investment criteria.


The Fund invests in a weighted portfolio of income bearing financial bonds, issued by banks, insurance groups and building societies, as well as general corporate debt. The Fund does not invest in Government debt, Have leverage or use derivatives except for hedging volatility. Since launch the Fund has looked to invest in line with the UCITS regulations to demonstrate the highest level of investment integrity and risk management.

There is a combination of retail and institutional sharers in the primary currencies of USD, GBP and Euro which are either income or accumulation shares. The income is distributed semi-annually, at the end of April and October.


The fund has demonstrated consistent performance since its launch with low volatility.

Rudolf Wolff Limited, the Investment manager, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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