The RW Multi-Strategy UCITS ICAV

In April 2019 Rudolf Wolff acquired an established UCITS ICAV platform from one of Europe’s leading independent Management Companies. The Platform was originally established in Ireland to support the launch off  the Rudolf Wolff Global Income Fund.  

Whilst Rudolf Wolff is authorised by the FCA as an UCITS Investment Manager, it has chosen to partner with Carne as the Irish Management Company and utilise their strength and reputation. There are two Irish independent Directors and one from Rudolf Wolff.

Rudolf Wolff has acquired this Platform to provide an environment where talented managers can launch their own fund under either the Rudolf Wolff or their own brand.  The benefits to joining the platform are numerous.

Experience – the Rudolf Wolff management team can provide multiple years of advice to the manager on the investment strategy and policy to be followed, the optimum broking relationships and risk management.

Distribution – since 2008 Rudolf Wolff has built a global network of relationships with well established, proven and regulated Financial Advisers. The emphasis has been on partnering and contracting with leading advisory groups with global presence, specialist advisers, Private Banks, Insurance Companies and increasingly with Fund Platforms. These are managed by our regional relationship managers, covering Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Rudolf Wolff is always interested to meet and build relationships with experienced investment professionals looking to launch their own UCITS fund. 

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