The IQS Futures Fund

The IQS Futures Fund offers investors the potential to achieve a high rate of return in the medium to long term, whilst keeping the level of risk within acceptable limits.

All trading decisions are made by IQS Capital Management Limited, utilising the IQS Diversified Program and executed through IQS Financial Limited (London) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The IQS Diversified Program trades a diversified portfolio of outright futures contracts on the New York and Chicago futures exchanges, using a totally objective approach which employs a series of computer programs. The Program is primarily trend-following in nature, overlaying proprietary pattern recognition filters, stop losses to limit the potential loss on each individual trade and strict money management parameters.


Since inception in 1995, the Program has achieved returns comparable with those of the best performing traders in the industry.  The IQS Futures Fund is the only fund currently managed by IQS Capital Management Limited.

Key Characteristics

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