The IQS Futures Fund

Rudolf Wolff Limited does not manage The IQS Futures Fund, they act purely as a distributor to the Fund.

The Company is an open-ended investment company incorporated as an exempted company under the laws of the Cayman Islands with registered number 240610 on 12th May 2010.

The IQS Futures Fund was launched in November 2011 to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the Program.

  • IQS Capital Management Limited as the Trading Adviser to engage in trading and to provide discretionary account management services.

  • Quintillion Limited are the Administrator to provide administration services.

  • ED&F Man Capital Markets Limited is the Principal Broker to provide brokerage services.


The investment objective of the Company is to increase the Net Asset Value through investment in liquid derivative products, including outright futures contracts traded on the principal futures exchanges.

Key Points

  • IQS Capital Management Limited trades a diversified portfolio of outright futures contracts on the New York and Chicago futures exchanges, employing the IQS Diversified Program, a proprietary mathematical trading system using a totally objective approach which employs a series of uncorrelated algorithmic driven computer programs.

  • Since inception in 1995, the IQS Programme has achieved returns comparable with those of the best performing systematic traders in the industry. The IQS Futures Fund is the only fund currently managed by IQS Capital Management Limited.

  • Over 20 years the IQS Diversified Program achieved a mean annual rate of return of nearly 30%,* a track record whose quality and longevity are almost unprecedented in the managed futures sector.

  • Since its performance is not correlated with asset classes such as bonds and equities it can simultaneously enhance the return and reduce the volatility of any conventional investment portfolio.

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IQS Future Funds Documents


*The Investment Manager is regulated in the USA by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the “CFTC”) and is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) as a commodity trading advisor (CTA) and a commodity pool operator (CPO).

*Performance data from November 2011 onwards reflects the actual performance of the IQS Futures Fund. Performance data to October 2011 reflects the actual performance of the IQS Diversified Program after deduction of all fees and expenses associated with investing in the IQS Futures Fund.

Please note: Rudolf Wolf Limited has no influence in the management of The IQS Futures Fund.  It acts as a Distributor the Fund