Rudolf Wolff Insch Kintore Fund

The Insch Kintore strategy is an entirely systematic trading program that trades gold (as a currency) versus G7 currencies. The program is “trend following” in nature and fully automated in terms of trade implementation and execution. Buy and sell signals are generated from price breakouts, volatility and other proprietary signals. The trading program has achieved an exceptional track record with consistent alpha, alongside non-correlated downside deviation when compared with traditional investments. The maximum gearing employed is 2X.

Due to the portfolio and the instrument traded (XAU/G7 as FX cross rates), Insch Kintore offers extreme transparency and liquidity.

* Unique “gold as a currency” portfolio

* Unmatched transparency and liquidity

* Outperformance over equity market, fixed income markets and gold

* Real diversification from equity, fixed income and precious metals

* Crisis risk offset for a traditional portfolio

* Fully systematic trend-following strategy

* Professionally managed and totally disciplined trading

This best-in-class strategy won the 2016 EuroHedge Award for Managed Futures Performance under $500m, the 2017 CTA Intelligence Award for Long Term Performance Under $500m and the 2017 HFR Review Best Managed Futures/CTA Award

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