Traditional values for changing times

Investors are learning to expect a challenging future including uncertain economic performance, political uncertainty, unclear business valuations, pressures on income and capital. Sovereign states are cutting back budgets whilst increasing taxation and regulation. Markets will remain torn between retracing old assumptions and dealing with the changing world – an increasingly volatile and uncertain mix.


The need for stable income has never been greater as the pressure on low interest rates in the advanced economies is maintained. Savings have been eroded as the cost of living continues to rise. The ability to rely on compound returns and capital growth are less certain. This is driving investors to find investment funds that are focused on yield or not correlated to the public equity and debt markets.


At Rudolf Wolff we apply traditional methods in non-traditional ways, using innovative investment thinking to transform such challenges into opportunities. Our objective is not to time the market but to deliver our investors regular compound returns and income through a focus on value-investing with a cautious and disciplined approach to risk.

The Rudolf Wolff investment committee, made up of seasoned investment professionals, meets monthly with the fund manager to review the portfolio. No investment decisions are made without the approval of the investment committee and within the UCITS investment requirements. 

"To source and introduce some of the best performing thematic fund managers in their sectors and to bring them to a wider audience making them accessible to smaller investors.”

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