The Fund invests in a weighted portfolio of income bearing financial bonds, issued by banks, insurance groups and building societies, as well as general corporate debt.

The Fund is designed to produce an attractive rate of income whilst maintaining the underlying asset value of investment. It may possibly suit those of your clients who are looking for higher returns than are currently being offered by standard bank or building society deposit accounts.

The income is distributed semi-annually, at the end of April and October and Investors may elect to have the income or accumulation shares.

The fund has demonstrated consistent outperformance since its launch (in November 2011) with low volatility.

Rudolf Wolff Limited, the Investment manager is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Key Characteristics

Legal Name
Rudolf Wolff Income Fund Limited
Legal Structure
Bermuda Limited Liability Company
Fund Regulator
Bermudan Monetary Authority
Fund Sponsor
Rudolf Wolff Limited
Arthur Morris & Co, Bermuda
Altree Fund Services Limited
Currencies offered
Target Return
7% P.A., distributed bi-annually
Minimum Investment
10,000 and thereafter 5,000
Management Fee
1.5% per annum, paid monthly
Performance Fee
15%, paid annually, above an 8% hurdle


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