We select unique products that are a perfect fit for our investors.

Rudolf Wolff has one overwhelming priority: to offer the best possible funds for our clients. This simple ambition drives everything we do.

How do we do this?

When selecting a fund we look at:

  • the Organisation, how the company is run and how it is structured. A solid base is paramount.
  • the Fund Manager and the team, their experience and track record and how this relates to the current philosophy of the fund.                                                                                            We also want to know the team behind the manager, plus the resources and back-up they provide.
  • the Investment Process and philosophy behind the decisions and investments the Fund Manager makes.
  • the Portfolio make-up, the component parts of the fund’s portfolio to understand its balance and range.
  • the Risk Management, what risk controls are in place at the fund – we have to be satisfied that these are stringent and rigorous.

For more information on the individual Funds, please visit the following pages:

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RW Diversified Strategies Fund